Sea Urchins & Stripes

A few of my favourite Maritime bloggers – Kate of O My Heart, Libby of House of Winchester, and Sorren of Classic Noise) have been in possession of my washed ashore sea urchin necklaces and have been doing an incredible job of styling them. As the ladies demonstrate, the necklace is definitely an awesome way to add a touch of nautical to the wardrobe by pairing it with stripes and even layer with other necklaces.

If you’re interested in a piece of your own, check out the Run Free, Run Wild site or certainly feel free to get in touch for a custom order. I also have some pieces available at Biscuit.

Kate and Sorren in the gold washed ashore sea urchin.

Libby in rose gold washed ashore sea urchin.

By the way, don’t we have some wicked fashion bloggers around from our very own region? Watch out, Blair Eadie.

Keepin’ it clean

From June 8-9, one of the biggest examples of volunteer action is set to take place in our province – Clean Across Nova Scotia. This initiative is Nova Scotia’s contribution to a global movement called Let’s Do It! World Clean Up 2012 in which 94 countries have already committed to massive illegal waste clean-ups in their own regions. With a very cool mobile device application, this huge clean up effort will use technology to map illegal garbage in the province and subsequently volunteers will clean-up that area.

We’re so privileged to be surrounded by so much natural beauty in Nova Scotia, yet we continue to see garbage polluting our city streets, parks, and beaches. While we all try and reduce the amount of ’stuff’ we use, we must also mirror that action with proper disposal of the waste that we do create. I strongly believe in this and thought it was necessary to pass along this important message.

I also believe that cleaning up garbage doesn’t have to mean looking like garbage, so, without further ado, here are some outfit ideas I would consider throwing together for participation in an event such as this one. And, don’t worry, the good people at Clean Nova Scotia will provide the garbage bags and gloves.

Jacket: The North Face, Light Denim: Pepe Jeans, Boots: Hunter, Shirt: Old Navy,  Denim Leggings: J Brand

Shirt: J Crew, Rolled-Up Denim: Current/Elliot, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Shorts: J Brand, Shoes: ASOS

You have until June 1 to register for this massive clean-up, click here for more details.

Gingham Girl

The warmer weather always seems to bring out the prepster in me, and my inner country girl loves a little gingham. I’m actually really feeling the length of these new lilac boyfriend shorts from the Gap. Though I don’t find I’m at an age where I want to be sporting full-on bermuda shorts, sometimes I find short shorts a little too…well…short. Particularly for work. And particularly for my thunders. So this style is a great compromise.

Can I get an amen for the wonderful weather that has been bestowed upon us lately? Hope you’re enjoying each and every drop of sunshine!

Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: Gap // Belt and Shoes: Aldo // Clutch: H&M // Bracelets: J Crew, H&M // Watch: Michael Kors // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Until next week peaches!

Light Bright

After a drab and dreary photo session last week, I was ready to bust out some high voltage. This neon t-shirt dress is so comfortable and effortless, I want it in more colours! I geeked out when I realized how perfectly my China Glaze nail polish matched the dress, but when it came to accessorizing, I went for neutrals – camel, tan, and army green. I have seen people rock the neon on neon trend – i.e. Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors – but for some reason, I find that sticking to one main neon piece per outfit creates more impact. What do you guys think?

Dress: Gap // Jacket (not worn): Gap // Shoes: Chinese Laundry // Clutch: Dynamite // Sunglasses: D&G // Necklace: H&M // Bangles: Aldo // Watch: Michael Kors

Until next week peaches!


Here’s a trend that has already emerged, but we can expect to see more and more in the coming months. Peplum! A structured peplum silhouette seems to flatter any female body type, as it cinches the waist for women who are a little curvier and gives the illusion of curves for women with a straighter shape.

Flared, flowing shirts such as these ones are great to pair with skinnies, leggings, or more fitted shorts and skirts.

Vero Moda Spot Mesh Peplum Top – Shop here.

Carven Cotton-Jersey and Silk-Organza Peplum Top – Shop here.

ASOS Sheer Top with Peplum – Shop here.

ASOS Top with Square Neck and Peplum – Shop here.

Out of my personal price range for a Spring jacket, but how flattering and adorable would this be?

TIBI Peplum-Waist Striped Coat – Shop here.

Any Summer weddings to attend? Well, I’d take any of these peplum dresses!

Paprika Floral Print Peplum Dress with Cage Back – Shop here.

River Island Floral Print Peplum Dress – Shop here.

Forever 21 Asymmetrical Peplum Dress – Shop here.

Nasty Gal Victoria Peplum Dress – Shop here.

Keep your eyes peeled for peplum. I have a good feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this trend in the future.


It was a challenging week to get outfit shots amongst the wind and rain, so in the end we just went for it. I’m looking a little Christmas-y here, but it was a morning of pulling items from my closet in a mad dash to make it to work on time. Admittedly, I rarely spend much time planning an outfit, because when an outfit has been over-thought, I kind of think you can tell. Instead, I look for one item to inspire me – be it a necklace or a skirt or a pair of shoes – and quickly build the entire outfit around it with whatever first comes to mind.

These Hunter Huntress boots paid for themselves within the first month of ownership, I swear. Sometimes I see bright versions walking the streets and curse myself for going the practical route, but basic black is just so easy.

Dress: French Connection via Envy // Vest: Banana Republic // Tights: Silks // Trench (not worn): Gap // Boots: Hunter // Bag: Santi //  Ring: H&M // Necklace: Banana Republic // Watch: Michael Kors

Until next week peaches!

Top trends unleashed!

There have been a lot of ECFB Unleashed recaps going around, but I wanted to do one more with some of my favourite trends observed throughout the event.

Other than a few pictures I stole from Kristin, all of these images are compliments of the incredibly beautiful and amazingly talented Meghan and Krista of Fashion East. I was SO happy to get to meet these ladies. If you’re lucky, they may just stop you in the streets of Halifax one day to grab some street style magic.

1. Pretty collars

(via Kristin of Doll Parade)

(via Kristin of Doll Parade)

2. Nautical-inspired

3. Spike the Punch Necklaces

4. Big Baubles

Sunday Best

I apparently took all of my most prim and proper articles of clothing and threw them together for this outfit. And though I like the look, I do feel it lacks a certain edge. In my defence, I was dressing for an office baby shower, which isn’t exactly hardcore. These little glitter pumps have only been worn once before – a year and a half ago – and they were considerably more comfortable this time around. My feet have just given up trying to feel real feelings.

Thanks to my girl Jennie for grabbing these photos with me after work. I think she’s a natural!

Sweater: H&M // Sleeveless top: Banana Republic // Skirt: Jacob // Belt and Shoes: Aldo // Sunglasses: D&G // Bracelet: J Crew // Watch: Michael Kors

Until next week peaches!

A little taste of ECFB Unleashed!

Well, the event has come and gone. And, I couldn’t be happier with how everything went down. We got to meet some amazing / talented blogger females and show them a good time. While there will probably be lots more pictures to come, I wanted to start off with a little taste of the weekend through some of my Instagram captures.

We kicked off the event with a wine and cheese at my place.

So many amazing local sponsors got on board. Here are some goodies dropped off by Vintage Pink Treasures, which actually ended up being won by Erin. Outfit posts to follow I’m sure!

Throughout the weekend, there were obviously some incredible outfit details to capture.

Leopard + serpant-esque necklace ensemble came from the very beautiful Tosan of For the Love of Prints. You have to check out this girl’s blog!

Technology in hand or nearby at all times – Kayla and Sorren.

A few Halifax blogger girls during our ‘conference’ portion of the event at The Middle Spoon. We can’t thank the lovely folks are The Middle Spoon enough for hosting us Saturday morning.

The fabulous ladies who travelled from Saint John (Candice, Barb, and Chelsea) were kind enough to give the organizers a little present from their hometown – earrings from Silver Daisy Boutique by Esqaured Jewels. Here are the beautiful floral fabric drop earrings that I got.

Blogging beauties.


And, drinks at The Carleton.

More details.

On Sunday morning, we ended up at Two if by Sea to ensure we got our daily fill of buttery goodness.

The gorgeous Kristin won a Clutch Culture clutch from one of our other attending bloggers – Mo.

Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to win a goodie bag from another sponsor – a.rae handmade – who specializes in jewelry made from reclaimed materials and objects.

Love these periwinkle suede tassel earrings! Can’t wait to wear them out.

And, yet, more stunning little details.

So happy to have met all the ladies who attended. Next time, we hope to meet up in another location in Atlantic Canada and keep the love fest going.

Inspired by…House of Winchester

Came across this gem of an outfit on Miss Libby’s blog – House of Winchester – the other day, and couldn’t resist doing an ‘Inspired by’ post. I actually had all of these items in my closet already, so pulling it together was a cinch. One of my friends mentioned how similar mine and Libby’s style is, which I consider a huge compliment! It also probably explains why, if it weren’t for the fact that I’d look like a huge creep, I could probably imitate several more of her styles. Nothing but love for my fellow East Coast bloggers!

Inspired by: House of Winchester

My version:

Blazer: Pink Martini via Twisted Muse // Sleeveless blouse: Gap // Jeans: American Eagle // Shoes: Call it Spring // Clutch and Necklace : H&M // Earrings: Aldo // Bracelet: J Crew // Watch: Michael Kors

Until next week peaches!

#ECFBunleashed! Halifax edition.

Well, the day has finally come – East Coast Fashion Bloggers Unleashed begins! For the past few months Sorren of Classic Noise, Kayla of Short Presents, Erin, and myself have been planning a weekend-long event that brings together a number of blogger ladies from the East Coast provinces.

The purpose? To actually get to meet one another, learn from each other, and grow our blogs. It also presents an opportunity to showcase local businesses and show off our amazing city. If all goes well, we hope to grow this event and visit another East Coast province next!

You can be sure to stay tuned for lots of pictures and updates about the shenanigans we girls will get into.

Colour Pop

Thought I would amp up this ancient skirt and blazer combo with some bright pops of colour. This was such a fun and comfy outfit to wear…except for a panic-inducing near-flash moment. Flouncy skirts + Halifax breezes = danger. Luckily I’ve got reflexes like a cat, hehe.

I celebrated my birthday last weekend, and was lucky enough to have an action-packed schedule, complete with an awesome birthday party, road trip, and romantic little getaway. I also received some lovely gifts, including the scarf and bangles I’m wearing, compliments of my sissy, as well as these new Ray-Ban sunnies from the boyfriend. Oh, and the shoes may have been a little birthday gift to myself. Hey, you only turn 27 once.

Blazer: Gap // Tank: Gap // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: Aldo // Belt: Aldo // Scarf: Banana Republic // Bag: Santi // Bangles: Banana Republic // Sunglasses: Ray Ban //  Watch: Michael Kors

Unti next week peaches!

Bone Dry

If you recognize this little dress number, it’s because I may have sported its blue brother not too long ago. What can I say? When I find a style I like – and the price is right – I buy it in multiples. I think this dress was like, 30 bucks, which for the ruching detail and scalloped bottom finish, is a steal of a deal.

This bone-coloured leather jacket goes with so much in my wardrobe. It’s probably not my best colour (particularly right now, where it basically matches my complexion), but I love that it’s a slightly more fitted style than my other leather jackets. Next on my list is to find a great black leather jacket. I have a faux version, which I wear all the time, but it just doesn’t feel or look as nice as the real deal. Funnily enough, I seem to be having the hardest time finding the perfect black version that doesn’t completely blow the budget. Any suggestions?

Dress: H&M // Jacket: Danier // Tights: Silks // Booties: Nine West // Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Clutch: Gap // Necklace: Vintage, my Mom’s // Bracelets: H&M, Stella & Dot // Watch: Michael Kors

Until next week peaches!

Egg Hunt

Given that Easter Weekend is upon us, I thought it only appropriate to bust out some festive apparel. I call this my Easter Egg Shirt, because it’s essentially a pastel party of dots. That, combined with a big bow tie, make it pretty much the girliest shirt I own – and I love it. Sadly, these photos don’t capture the detail of my shorts, but they have colour flecks as well, meaning you might as well wrap some tin foil around me, put me in a grass-filled basket, and call it a day.

On an unrelated note, I’m not wearing a Bump-It. I may indeed own a Bump-It, but this baby is au natural. And by that, I mean I  teased the Tina Turner into my hair and polished off a can of hair spray. I kid, I kid. It was only half a can.

Happy Easter everyone – enjoy the long weekend!

Blazer: H&M // Blouse: Banana Republic // Shorts: Gap // Belt: J Crew // Tights: HUE // Booties: Steve Madden // Wallet and Earrings: Aldo // Bracelet: H&M // Watch: Michael Kors

Until next week peaches!

Necklace Flattery

If any of you follow the blog on Twitter, you’ve probably already seen this, but I thought it to be too good not to share. Not to mention it’s a perfectly timely Spring/Summer outfit inspiration post, with gorgeous colours for you to mimic this season.

A little while back I sought out Breanne of Flattery, a fellow Canadian blogger, to try one of the pieces from my new jewelry line RunFree, RunWild. She went with a wise choice – a deconstructed, vintage lace necklace – and told me to surprise her with the colours of it. Although it’s a beautiful necklace, it may present a challenge with styling, as it’s definitely a statement piece in itself.

I have to say that she absolutely knocked the styling challenge out of the park! She paired the necklace with a colour I never would have even expected. And, in recognizing that it is such a bold piece, she kept her shoes and handbag neutral to balance the overall look. I was so happy she loved her plantable tag too!

(via Flattery)

Major kudos to Breanne for impeccable styling that makes my necklace look amazing, as well as inspiring me to try out a mustard yellow and coral colour combo this Spring/Summer season.

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